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Team Lead

Written by John Moses on July 5, 2019

I have been working on making an app that makes leading a team a little easier on the manager. Transparency between manager and associate is important I think to overall happiness. Staying on the same page is touch and can create some uncomfortable conversations where important topics that need to be discussed end up not getting discussed.

Stay on top of the operational details of your team

Keep all of your employees and reviews easily available on your mobile device

Give your team individual attention with One on Ones

A one on one meeting with each of your team members is a great way to stay in touch with the inner workings and viewpoint of the business from each team member. Schedule recurring meetings with each team member. Use Team Lead to track notes before, during and after the meeting from anywhere.

Help your team grow in Key Focus Areas

Communicate to your team about what they could to improve their performance. Often you hear your direct reports ask how can they improve to get to the next level. With Team Lead you can use clear messaging to direct your team to the next level.